Monday, August 22, 2011

(Sort of) New Pattern: Sunflower Shawlette

Somehow I managed to forget to blog about my latest pattern, Sunflower Shawlette, which has been available on Ravelry for several weeks now.

This is another crescent shawlette with the same shaping as Crocus Shawl and And So Are You. The crescent shawls seem popular, don't they? Personally I love designing with the curving lines. The pattern was made in collaboration with Dee from Saffron Dyeworks, a wonderful dyer with an incredible eye for both richly saturated and layered hues. Sunflower was knit with Saffron Dyeworks' Mini Mica, a luscious 50/50 silk/merino blend, in a lovely tawny gold named Amber Stone. I think the color and lace floral mesh together produce an elegant vintage look.

The pattern has 2 different sizes, using 440 or 625 yds of fingering or sport-weight yarn. It can also be purchased together with Crocus Shawlette at a reduced price, in the e-booklet Silver and Gold. The two shawls make a great pair, don't they?


  1. yes, they are lovely together! they're the next two shawls up in my lace knitting queue - thank you for the gorgeous designs!

  2. darnit and rats! i am looking for a lovely 'modern' crescent shawl to crochet...all the pictures i see that i like are your KNITTED crescent shawls. they are just gorgeous...but i don't knit! any chance you have a crochet crescent shawl pattern in the works? so many that i see are so lacy and light-weight and feel too old fashioned for what i like - yours are just perfect