Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Out Came a Beautiful Butterfly

I love Eric Carle, and so do my kids. I must have read The Very Hungry Caterpillar at least 100 times by now, whose last line I semi-quoted in the title of this post. And who doesn't love caterpillars and butterflies? So I am tickled to release the Cocoon Me pattern, a set of textured accessories (cowl and shawlette) using the cocoon stitch that I swatched in my last post.

This cocoon variant is from Martha Waterman's shawl book, and is a little different from the one in B. Walker's 2nd treasury. It is made with yo's for the increases and therefore results in a slightly more open fabric. (Incidentally, the back of Ms. Waterman's book also has a shawl pattern using this stitch, which I noticed after I started planning mine and which was useful for sorting out the stitches, as the charted instructions for the stitch are not as clear. You can see her patten here.)

These pieces were all knit in Malabrigo worsted, for the design contest. Mal worsted is a great choice for this stitch and makes an extra fuzzy, snuggly FO. Other great choices would be all the yummy singles I mentioned in my last post: tosh merino, Plucky MAS, Sundara ASM, and SG Codex.

These were a lot of fun to design, and the pattern “metamorphosed” into a group effort. I started with the shawlette, then CatReading suggested adding a cowl (isn't her eternity scarf, pictured, fabulous??), and haramis unvented the p5tog (see her notes on Ravelry) so that her hand wouldn’t fall off while she test-knit the cowl. I also had great suggestions from wovenhand and nddphoto, who tested and photographed the shawlette.

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